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Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education

Recent Trends in Image Processing & Network Security

The Special issue title “Recent Trends in Image Processing & Network Security” focuses on the following topics: information Security, Cryptography, abnormal/Behavioral event detection, human detection and tracking, 3D Radar image processing, multisensory surveillance, hyper spectral image processing, obstacle detection, ISAR image processing, sonar image processing, and image segmentation, and biometrics and that’s application in wires less sensor networks and IOT, Machine learning, MANET.
Key words: Image Processing, MANET, WSN, IOT, Security, Machine learning.


Paavai Engineering College

Medical Image Processing and Wireless Communication

Medical imaging plays a vital role in patient healthcare. It aids in disease prevention, early detection, diagnosis, and treatment. Medical imaging is the term used to describe a range of non-invasive methods that enable radiologists and other specially trained medical personnel to look inside the body. It replaces the need for surgery and allows medical professionals to view various organs and areas.
Wireless telecommunications for commercial as well as personal purposes has ballooned since the beginning of the 21st century. People all over the world can take their cell phones with them wherever they go, which greatly enhances their on-demand communication opportunities. Wireless communication enables the whole population to connect with a global audience.
Key words: Image Processing, MANET, WSN, IOT, Security, Machine learning.


PeriyarManiammai Institute of Scence& Technology

Latest Technologies and Advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Engineering

Artificial Intelligence & Big Data 2020 is that the latest trending technology in several fields particularly in industries like producing, Automation, management Systems, Healthcare, Energy, Transport, Defence, Space, data processing, etc. Artificial Intelligence & Big Dataare going to be a typical platform to realize information and share new ideas amongst the someone, Professionals, Industrialists, Researchers, Innovators and students from Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data.
Key words: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision, Robotics, Ambient Intelligence.

Dr. L. Shakkeera

B. S. Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science & Technology

Predictive Data Analytics using Machine Learning and Internet of Things

Predictive data analytics is considered as an effective and economical way to identify the likelihood of future outcomes based on historical data. In 21stcentury, for Predictive data analytics, machine learning and Internet of Things (IoT) are the important buzz words in many of the industrial sectors and research organizations. IoT is strained the explosion of software in everyday devices and revolution is happening that might be even more far reaching the impact. Meanwhile, machine learning concepts are used to make an intelligent decisions that independently learning machine has captivated humans for decades. IoT requires machine learning techniques to make the machine to learn and develop the learning models for real time applications. Machine learning also allows the smart devices to analyze the data in smarter way. The data are generated by the connected devices and get a perception into the human’s behavioral patterns.
Key words: Predictive Data Analytics, Machine learning, Internet of Things, Learning Models, Patterns. .

Dr. P.G.Akila


Deep learning in analysis of images and antenna optimization.

Deep learning is a booming area in the field of image processing and embedded system. It is the proper subset of machine learning to parameterize deep neural network structures. It is not an independent learning method which itself uses supervised and unsupervised learning methods to train deep neural networks. The idea of automation reduces the complexity of design of an algorithm for analysis of image, video, object detection and classification. The deep neural network itself is not a completely new concept and can be roughly understood as a neural network structure containing multiple hidden layers. In order to improve the training effect of deep neural networks through adjustments to the connection methods and activation functions of neurons. Deep learning has fulfilled various tasks, making it seem that all machine-assisted functions are possible. Driverless cars, preventive health care, and even better movie recommendations are all in sight or near. Deep learning has the potential to revolutionize disease diagnosis and management by performing classification difficult for human experts and by rapidly reviewing immense amounts of images.Design of microstrip patch antenna for medical applications can be verified by means of its return loss and its optimization can be done automatically .the idea of combining the deep learning concept in the parameterization of antenna is noticeable in research.
Key words: Medical Image Processing And Optimization Antenna Design And Parameters Analysis.



Recent Trends and Technology in Computer Science and Engineering. .

This special session will be conducted for the purpose of recent trends and technology innovators of professional people like undergraduates engineering student in this covid-19 situations they can be able to write recent trends and technology innovations but they need an opportunity to publish their technology innovations and development of new ideas need to shared to globally so this conference may help them for publishing their ideas to reach all around the world by publishing reputed journals will help them to reach..
Key words:Artificial Neural Network, Deep Learning, Recommendation System, E – Management System, Cyber Attacks, Recent trends in Computer Engineering.

Special Session Proposals

Proposals are invited from reputed academicians / researchers / industry experts to organize Special Sessions during ICASISET-2020, in the areas of their expertise / interest. Each special session should provide an overview of the state-of-the-art and highlight important research directions in a field of special interest to ICASISET-2020 participants. This would be an opportunity for researchers to listen to and discuss research / results in their own areas of specialization.
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