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Central University of Tamil Nadu, Thiruvarur

Evolutionary computation: Theory and Applications

Soft computing is increasingly gaining its presence in various domains where precise models are impractical with varying resolutions and structures. Its techniques are efficiently applied in financial domain which includes bankruptcy prediction, currency crises and many more areas. In particular, evolutionary computing can search non-linear solution spaces without requiring a prior knowledge about model characteristics. Over the past twenty five years, genetic algorithm is widely applied to a variety of problems in evolutionary computing. Nowadays, genetic algorithm finds its application in financial domain as well. In this particular part of research genetic algorithm is applied to bankruptcy models to find influencing ratios where the relationship between the financial variables is non-linear. Genetic algorithm is commonly used to determine the parameters of predictors. Real genetic algorithm is one kind of simple genetic algorithm and it directly codes the parameters of problem space into offspring without performing coding and encoding This session focuses to design and develop a Genetic Bankrupt Ratio Analysis Technique (GBRAT) using genetic algorithm with the objective of analyzing various financial ratios of different bankruptcy models and their influences in a quantitative form. This Genetic technique analyses the non linear relationship among the financial ratios of bankruptcy model and classifies the ratios into influencing and non influencing ratios which have direct and indirect impact on bankruptcy respectively.
Key words: Evolutionary computation, Genetic Algorithm, Fuzzy Systems, Swarm Intelligence, Ant colony algorithm, applied evolutionary computation on business intelligence, banking, financial modeling, Data Mining, Data visualization, Decision Support Systems.

Dr.E.Bijolin Edwin

Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences

Cloud Computing and Big Data

Cloud computing focus on the areas of information technology for the development of distributed computing, parallel computing and few applications in the areas of Cloud as a service with large scale cloud application, innovative cloud application, social and mobile clouds, and mobile services. Image processing is also another platform with working on images in order to get an enhanced image to extract few useful images. Big data can also be enhanced in these areas along with real time applications.
Key words: Cloud Computing,Big Data,Multimedia Systems and Services,Image Processing.


Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education

Image Processing & Network Security

The Special issue title “Image Processing & Network Security” focuses on the following topics: information Security, Cryptography, abnormal/Behavioral event detection, human detection and tracking, 3D Radar image processing, multisensory surveillance, hyper spectral image processing, obstacle detection, ISAR image processing, sonar image processing, and image segmentation, and biometrics and that’s application in wires less sensor networks and IOT, Machine learning, MANET.
Key words: Image Processing, MANET, WSN, IOT, Security, Machine learning.

Prof. T. Chiranjeevi

Rajkiya Engineering College, Uttar Pradesh.

Prof. G. Suribabu

Vishnu Institute of Technology

Advanced Control Strategies –Design and Applications

Development of advanced control strategies for complex, uncertain and non-linear systems become a central activity in all disciplines of engineering and science. The aim of this session is to create a platform for all the researchers to expose their novel ideas on design of advanced control techniques to manage complex systems effectively. The design procedures of various advanced control techniques for different applications will be presented and demonstrated in this session , which enables the attendants to gain better insights of real time control problems.
Key words: Fractional order Modelling and Control,Robust and Optimal Control, Nonlinear and Chaotic system control, Neuro-Fuzzy Control, Tuning of PID Controllers, Adaptive Control, Optimization techniques for control problems. .


Paavai Engineering College

Medical Image Processing and Wireless Communication

Medical imaging plays a vital role in patient healthcare. It aids in disease prevention, early detection, diagnosis, and treatment. Medical imaging is the term used to describe a range of non-invasive methods that enable radiologists and other specially trained medical personnel to look inside the body. It replaces the need for surgery and allows medical professionals to view various organs and areas.
Wireless telecommunications for commercial as well as personal purposes has ballooned since the beginning of the 21st century. People all over the world can take their cell phones with them wherever they go, which greatly enhances their on-demand communication opportunities. Wireless communication enables the whole population to connect with a global audience.
Key words: Image Processing, MANET, WSN, IOT, Security, Machine learning.

Prof. Kalyana Sundaram Chandran

Mepco Schlenk Engineering College

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering plays an important role in the medical revolution. To determine the abnormalities in any parts of our body is identified with the use of Engineering with medical data.
Key words: Brain Computer Interface, EEG, ECG, Evoked Potentials, Medical Stimulus.

Dr. Vimal S

National Engineering College, Kovilpatti.


Hindustan Institute of Science and technology

DAECRN’19- Data analytics and security Enhancement with applications of Game theory for Cognitive radio Networks

Cognitive radio (CR) is a form of wireless communication in which a transceiver can intelligently detect which communication channels are in use and which are not, and instantly move into vacant channels while avoiding occupied ones. This optimizes the use of available radio-frequency (RF) spectrum while minimizing interference to other users. With the effective utilization of the natural resource the radio spectrum, CR includes more potential practical applications such as TV white spaces, emergency networks, military networks, mesh networks, cellular networks, multimedia, leased networks, vehicular communications. CR brings the tremendous impact in bandwidth optimization and cost efficiency, especially in the next-generation cellular network. It attracts the attention of today’s researchers due to the challenges and issues remaining in utilizing the full potential of radio spectrum in cognitive radio network. With the effective utilization of the natural resource the radio spectrum, CR includes more potential practical applications such as TV white spaces, emergency networks, military networks, mesh networks, cellular networks,multimedia, leased networks, vehicular communications. CR brings the tremendous impact in bandwidth optimization and cost efficiency, especially in the next-generation cellular network. Besides the IOT and data analytics using the CR networks is most proficiently applied in health care sectors now adays. It attracts the attention of today’s researchers due to the challenges and issues remaining in utilizing the full potential of radio spectrum in cognitive radio network. .
Key words: Cognitive Network Architecture and Deployment,Spectrum Sharing Methods of Cognitive Radio,Spectrum Decision Techniques of Cognitive Radio,Dynamic Spectrum Allocation Methods of Cognitive Radio,Spectrum Sensing Methods And Issues in Cognitive Radio Network,Protocol Attacks and Defense Mechanisms in Cognitive Radio Network,Cognitive Network Security Issues,Game Theory in Cognitive Radio Networks,Cross-Layer Solutions in Cognitive Radio,Energy Efficiency Solutions in Cognitive Radio Networks,Bandwidth Management in Cognitive Radio Networks,Cluster Management in Cognitive Radio Networks,Trust Management in Cognitive Radio Networks,Data analytics and IOT analytics using Cognitive Radio Networks. . .


Symbiosis International Deemed University,Pune

Optimization in Engineering

Optimization is a procedure of achieving the best use of resource or situation. Optimization can be achieved by maximizing or minimizing the objective function of the given engineering problem. Optimization thus leads to achieving minimal cost, maximum efficiency, maximum profit, minimum error, optimal design, optimal management, optimal decision making and many more. In recent past considerable attention have been made to implement nature inspired algorithm for optimization problems. Nature inspired algorithms imitate the process of nature. Nature maintains its equilibrium by any known or unknown means to human beings. Nature finds solution by itself for any nonlinear, non-differential and any other complex problems. Nature has a very simple solution for all those problems. This characteristics is imitated by nature inspired algorithms.
Key words: Nature inspired algorithms, heuristic algorithms, Meta heuristic algorithms, Evolutionary algorithms, Bio inspired algorithms, Computational Intelligence


GRT Engineering College, Tiruttani, Tamilnadu

Cloud Computing and Internet Security

Cloud Computing Environment uses various resources available in internet offer many service to data holders. Existing deduplication schema does not work well on encrypted data also suffer from security issues. Our proposed method initiates concepts of data popularity conflict that data known by many users. We extend original schema by focusing popularity of data also analyze efficiency of proposed schema and highlight clear functionality. Significantly focus on handling sensitives decryption shares.
Key words: Data Popularity, Symmetric External, Diffie Hellman, Cloud storage, Deduplication

Prof.G.Suresh kumar

Galgotias University, Uttar Pradesh

Wireless Sensor Networks

A Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is a collection of nodes organized into a cooperative network. Each node consists of processing capability which acts as transceiver. Packet dropping is a compromised node which drops all or some of the packets that is supposed to forward. Packet modification is a compromised node which modifies all or some of the packets that is supposed to forward. Packet dropping and modification are common attacks that can be launched by an adversary to disrupt communication in wireless multi hop sensor networks. To resolve this problem, we propose a simple yet effective scheme which can identify misbehaving forwarders that drop or modify packets and reducing the packet dropping and modification and increasing the packet delivery ratio. In this Message Digest5 Pure (MD5-Pure) and Diffie–Hellman key exchange (D-H) are used to generate the certificate for each node in WSN using private and public key. Without a certificate a node cannot participate in the transmission. The Location based algorithm is to identify the intruders which is a packet dropper or modifier. If a new node is entered into the WSN, It cannot participate in the transmission process until it does not get the certificate. After receiving the certificate from the sink node it can also participate in the transmission.
Key words: WSN, MD5 pure, Diffie- Hellman key exchange, Packet dropping, Packet modification


Galgotias University, Uttar Pradesh

Image Processing and IOT

We are entering in to a new era of computer technology with new innovations and new development in all respect to the various fields of knowledge in internet of things through image processing. The combination of both of these can bring a new change in the society as well as new innovation through new ideas. A reckon scenario in which various objects are connected with each other via internet that makes the all objects smart and convenient to use is known as internet of things (IOT). The process of using computer algorithms to perform some was processing on digital image processing. The main aim of image processing is to extract some meaningful information from the data of the image. We can call image processing as altering and analyzing pictorial information of different images. In daily life we used lots of different types of image processing in which the best example is that our brain sensing lot of images when we see images with eyes and processing is done in very less time. Image processing and IOT have been applied for various applications independently. Both areas are becoming a rapidly evolving field with growing applications and new technologies where being implemented with the combination of IOT and image processing technology gives the better result to develop a smart and automatic system that helps in security aspects to apply in home, increasing and monitoring in the agriculture sector and also in the field of defense and healthcare industries.
Key words: Agriculture, home security, health monitoring system, new development in the fields of IoT with image processing, IoT in the transportations, IoT with image processing in defence monitoring systems, new innovations in IoT and Image processing, Image processing in forensic.


Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education

Key Management on Wireless sensor networks (WSNs)

Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are one of the fundamental predominant backbone technologies for Internet of Things (IoTs). Due to resource-constrained sensor nodes in IoT-enabled WSNs, it is better to use group communication in the form of multicasting for message deliveries rather than device-to-device communications. To protect Integrity, authenticity and confidentiality of multicast group communication messages among the nodes in wsn, we need secure and efficient key establishment and key distribution schemes. Therefore it is better to propose group key establishment and distribution protocols for secure multicast group communications between resource-constrained sensor nodes in IoT. Also the relevance of the proposed protocols are examined based on three different performance parameters such as cost, overhead and packet loss using NS3 simulations based on different nodes.
Key words: Internet Of Things, wireless sensor networks(WSN), multicast, security, group key establishment and distribution.

Dr. Vickram A S

Saveetha School of Engineering Saveetha Institute of Technical and Medical Sciences

Recent Trends in Biotechnology and Healthcare (WSNs)

Biotechnology in Healthcare refers to a production of medicinal or diagnostic, therapeutic products or a vaccine that consists of, or has been produced in, living organisms and may be manufactured via recombinant technology (recombinant DNA is a form of DNA that does not exist naturally. Recently the application of biotechnology and its techniques in medical field is emerging and lot of patents and publication are in pipeline. The entire pharmaceutical technology, chemical, clinical and medical field research relies on Biotechnology. The following are the emerging fields.
Key words: Human male infertility, Nanomaterials, Bioprocess techniques, Optimization, Response Surface Methods, Biosensors

Dr. P.G.Akila


Communication and Antenna design

Design of an antenna for various fields is playing a vital role in research field .An antenna can transmits and receive an information .When antenna design is done, the characteristics of that antenna can be studied by its simulation results. The efficiency of transmission is proved with its return loss. An antenna can be used at medical frequency (2-2.8), radar, military applications. Design of array antenna increases bandwidth and directivity whereas design of a micro strip patch antenna improves the gain and also the equipments used at microwave frequency can be simulated whose characters are studied likely using software tools. Key words: Design of micro strip patch antenna, Design of array antenna for medical applications, Design of power divider, Design of phase shifters, Design of patch antenna for breast cancer

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